Kalina Pain Institute Website Launch

Kalina Pain Institute Website Launch

Kalina Pain Institute Website Launch

Client Story


I am so thrilled to launch Kalina Pain Institute’s Website. https://kpiclinic.com

Dr. Jared Kalina and Linda Lee are fellow Oak Parkers, business owners of a local pain medicine clinic, Kalina Pain Institute, and are very involved parents with three beautiful kids. They opened their own practice, Kalina Pain Institute, in downtown Forest Park in November 2017. The story of how they located their office space is a special one…one that shows the power of relationships. [Read Their Story]

What I observed while working with them, is that they are uber kind, caring and hard working people. They have developed strong friendships with business owners AND the employees of those businesses up and down Madison Street, Forest Park. Nobody’s presence or work go unnoticed around them. One afternoon, we were discussing strategy when a package delivery arrived. Dr. Kalina briefly stopped the conversation to greet and thank the delivery man by name. I was able to see how much their patients adore them, and trust the care and services they are receiving. The tradesperson (and his crew) who worked on their office construction were introduced as family friends when I visited the office for our initial meeting. They respect every single person they work with, and take care of those around them. It is so inspiring and comforting to know that these caring and empathetic people are actual healthcare providers who treat pain.

Dr. Kalina and Linda were all ears to my design ideas and the support we provided each other throughout the process made for efficient work, and sparked joy. Dr. Kalina tirelessly spent weeks writing content for the website, keeping patients and caregivers in mind so that they will be well informed before and after their visits. I personally gained so much medical knowledge just by reading them. [Check out the site] if you or your loved ones suffer from chronic or acute pain. You will find the contents very informative and helpful.

Linda who is the office manager, suggested that the concept of the design should be personable, calm, informative and easy to navigate.  She added that it has to always keep “patients first.” I was given full control of the design aspect and they focused on the user experience side, to find a better way to serve their patients online.

We are currently working diligently to launch the online store, where patients can purchase CBD Oil products(they are available to purchase at the clinic now) and other MedSpa services. Personally, I would rather buy health-related products from a qualified physician’s office (and local business) who understand what pain treatment is, rather than any other store.

It is so exciting! Stay tuned for kpimedspa.com launching soon!


Souvenir Images for me

During our initial meeting, Linda showed me these items she inherited from the previous owner, Dr. Clevs. [Read the full story here] While the office building went through the renovation to do the necessary updates for opening the clinic, Linda and Dr. Jared Kalina kept some sentimental items such as Dr. Clevs’ dentist exam light, chairs, and a few paintings that used to be hung on the office wall. There was one art piece that Batia, the dentist’s wife/office manager painted herself. There are so many layers, and so much history.

In the back, behind the office, there are tree stumps where the previous owners’ kids used to play when they were little. Someday, I can totally see additions being built as the business expands, but they continue to preserve it as is, and share in this history, for now.

These old spaces in our neighborhood are so intriguing to me. I live in an old Queen Ann Victorian townhome, and I remember a contractor gentleman sharing that he used to come to our house several decades ago (when he was a teenager) to see a popular girl back then. Our porch was full of cute girls because our house was the hang out place for them, he added. He could vividly remember where the study room, and the hallway to the dining room was, even though the structure has changed over the years.

I gotta say that all these interesting stories are my favorite when I work with people and businesses.

I want to say thank you to Linda and Dr. Kalina who graciously let me borrow these items to take some photos (they even loaded them into my car).


-Jianna, President @ Storgiation